The Best Quality Furniture Stores in Los Angeles

If you are looking for the best quality furniture in LA, you should take into your consideration choosing the materials and items yourself instead of the whole pieces. There are three best stores that you can choose from and each one brings its own unique design and innovations. They are best of the best but simply different in terms of what they have to offer. The most important thing is that they do stand for what top quality implies. Their outstanding collections of accessories and furniture will simply blow your mind.

The Patina of Personality

For those who are more into style and class when it comes to furnishings combined with art, they will probably be interested in something more traditional with a contemporary edge.


It is the best way how they can find a balance between beauty, fun, and comfort, which can create the best overall effect. It is possible to get to the Baton Rouge’s Old Goodwood neighborhood in order to get some high quality ideas about the rare cohesion of a collection that has been put together with style and distinct personality. It is for those who prefer a rather artistic approach to the unique interior.

Romantic rooms

Lousiana Gardens and Homes represent the best what is known as romantic and sultry rooms with a dash of sexy in there. If you are looking for such rooms, this could be the best location possible.


The word romantic has many meanings and connotations of inspiration from nature, individual expression, creativity without restraints, naivete and idealism while appealing more to the emotions and less to the intellect. Romantic rooms should contain elements of lighting, shapes, colors and textures. These rooms can aspire emotions with its decorative details.

Footprints of the Past: St. Francisville’s Afton Villa Gardens

If you had a dream about walking in the heavenly gardens and you do have that kind of a spirit, you will simply love this. Afton Villa Gardens are not of this world.

Ergo Interior Design

Carpeted in yellow and white flowers, this garden is filled with oaks covered in moss which provide a natural shade, revealing a mysterious past that resides among the crumbling ruins. It is safe to say that this site is more than breathtakingly enchanting and you can enjoy in a valley, terraces and ponds and a hundred year old azaleas.