Interior Design 113-1

The Heart of the Room: Loft Living in Downtown New Orleans

Rodney Santana Villarreal’s small condo in a converted 19th-century warehouse in downtown New Orleans features furniture of his own design, art he created,… more »

Garden Interior 112-1

Timeless on the Tortue

Step into the past on the banks of old Bayou Tortue, southeast of Lafayette. Build a house from the ground up and make… more »

The interior of the house 111-1

Speaker of the Houseboat

State Representative Eddie J. Lambert (R-Gonzales) supports road improvement and keeping the TOPS student initiative funded, but he also makes a smaller contribution… more »

Interior Design 110-1

Bywater Wonderland

A Vietnamese water puppet, a miniature Easter Island statue, a 1940s guide book titled The Bachelor in New Orleans,, and a pair of… more »

Interior Design 109-1

Prime Builders

When Aristotle whipped out the term “architectonic,” which refers to something with a unified structure, he meant politics—apparently politicians in Athens were more… more »

The interior of the house 108-1

Pontalba Charm: 21st-century living in America’s oldest apartment building

In 1849, the Baroness Michaela Pontalba, one of the feistiest and most tragic women in Louisiana history, started construction on a great project… more »

The interior of the house 107-1

Tabula Rasa: The Old World New Home of Interior Designer Corinne Laborde

When Corinne and Ken Laborde decided to tear down their Old Metairie home, severely damaged by flood waters following hurricane Katrina, they were… more »

Garden Interior 106-1

New York Style: At Home in the Garden District

The entry is a trip through time when you visit Ned Charles at his rather spectacular old apartment on the second floor of… more »

The interior of the house 105-1

An Italian Villa on the Bogue Falaya: Interior by Chez-Soi

Just north of Covington, down a quiet country street, beyond a pond and a sparkling fountain, stands a lovely Italianate villa any Tuscan… more »

The interior of the house 104-1

Living Large in the French Quarter

While entrepreneur Edmund Forstall and his lovely wife Clara Durel spent time in the society pages of the 1850s newspapers, they decided to… more »