Romantic Rooms

In honor of Saint Valentine, Louisiana Homes and Gardens takes a look at some sexy, sultry, romantic rooms. When I started looking for romantic rooms for our February issue, I began by asking the question, “What is romantic?”

The dictionary definition includes references to movements in music, literature, and architecture that appeal less to the intellect and more to emotions. Romantic also has connotations of idealism, naivete, unrestrained creativity, individual expression, and inspiration from nature. Of course, we more often use the word to mean expressive of or inspiring love or romance.

I asked designers at Gerrie Bremermann Interiors and Villa Vicci what elements create romance in an interior. Although the perception of what looks romantic is subject to individual preference, I arrived at a consensus and identified a few ingredients that add the spice of romance to the design recipe.

Elements of a romantic room include textures, colors, shapes, and lighting.

  • Texture: touchable, luxurious fabrics like silks, velvets, and satins; sheer fabrics and natural materials such as wood.
  • Color: monochrome palettes, soft pastels, warm tones, sexy reds or dreamy whites.
  • Shape: furniture and accessories with curvaceous lines, pillows.
  • Lighting: soft or low light, candlelight, filtered sunlight.
  • Decorative details: Classical and antique touches, flowers, draped fabrics, the sparkle of crystal or gleam of gold or silver.

Muriel’s Sexy Seance Room

At Muriel’s Restaurant on Jackson Square, an out-of-the-way upstairs chamber called the Seance Room exemplifies romance with shades of red, velvet and silk, draped fabrics, curves, low light, and pillows, pillows, pillows.

Muriel’s Seance Room is designed to resemble a red hot 19th-century New Orleans brothel.

Also modeled on a New Orleans brothel, Muriel’s Outer Seance Room features a tufted banquet and a padded velvet wall.

Quinn Peeper’s Dreamy Master Bath

Classical details, sheer ruched window treatments, and sparkle from the chandelier add to the romantic appeal of Quinn Peeper’s bath in Uptown New Orleans. Rosemary James of Faulkner House Designs helped Peeper perfect the look of his favorite retreat.

This detail of Peeper’s bath combines several of the elements we listed—the natural and curved shape of a seashell, white roses blending with the monochrome pallet, an antique gilt wood candle holder and Baroque swirls framing an old mirror.

Jennifer Heebe’s Luxurious Bedroom

Using soft pink and blue hues, touchable textures, and French antiques, Gerrie Bremermann of Bremermann Designs created a romantic Parisian boudoir for Jennifer Heebe in her Old Metairie home.

Everything about this room is soft and inviting. A draped corona frames the bed for a suggestion of intimacy.

Laurie Steichen’s Parlor d’Amour

In the hands of designer Laurie Steichen, even shades of brown and rough linen become the epitome of romance. Using the ornate curves of Louis XVI furniture, antique mirrors with fading silver, and a plush velvet sofa cushion, Steichen designed a parlor perfect for rendezvous des amours, possibly my all-time favorite room.

Designer Laurie Steichen, now based in Los Angeles, created this romantic room for a Junior League show house in New Orleans a few years ago.

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