Elegance in Uptown

Quinn Peeper is one of the city’s celebrated citizens. His accomplishments include success as a physician and as a concert pianist. Peeper will travel to New York soon for his next Carnegie Hall performance on March 22.

Designer Rosemary James has decorated three houses for Peeper over the last decade. “I talked to her before I talked to the mortgage broker,” says Peeper. It was James who decided it was time for Peeper’s interior decor to “mature.”

Peeper’s previous residence was a renovated corner store with unusual angles and an odd floor plan. The quirky space opened up possibilities for creative and somewhat contemporary design.

Peeper’s new house is a 1903 mansion in the university area of Uptown, believed to have been designed by the famous New Orleans architect Thomas Sully. With its grand scale and fluted columns, the home itself demands serious decor.

James used Louis XVI and Directoire furnishings to complement the home’s austere architecture, and finished the giant cove moldings with gold leaf. “When the house is lit for a dinner party, the gold leaf gives everything a warm glow,” Peeper comments.

A grand piano in the foyer becomes the focus of the house when Peeper gives impromptu concerts while entertaining friends.

Venetian silks and shades of beige give the living and dining areas the mature look James wanted. A splash of muted blues comes in with a collection of antique coastal landscape paintings in the dining room and an 18th-century Grand Tour capriccio painting in the entry. Peeper chose the ocean scenes to reflect the area’s proximity to the Gulf Coast.

Greek revival themes have always been a part of Peeper’s interior style, and in his new home, the Greek key pattern flows through many rooms. The motif appears in gold along the tops of bookcases, in the moldings on the second floor, and even on the bedspread.

The exquisite and mature interior design Quinn Peeper and Rosemary James created certainly does justice to this grand Uptown home.

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