Baton Rouge 118-1

Beauty for a Cause: Hospice of Baton Rouge pools talent for Decorator Show Home

“Every designer kicked it up a notch,” says Linda MacMorran, designer liaison for the Hospice of Baton Rouge’s Show Home. “I always think… more »

The interior of the house 117-1

Design by Random: Collecting Louisiana Material Culture

Synchronicity is a term Carl Jung used for a meaningful coincidence that has a low probability of being a random event. Paul Fitch… more »

The interior of the house 116-1

Franklin Speaking: The Grevemberg House

As much as Louisiana’s heritage stems from French settlement, there is a significant influence from families of British decent. A sizeable enclave of… more »

Garden Interior 115-1

From Lakeview to Lakewood: Surviving in Style

Janet and Allan Molero were pleased when their Lakeview cottage was covered in the press a few years ago. It was finally complete,… more »

The interior of the house 114-1

Elegance in Uptown

Quinn Peeper is one of the city’s celebrated citizens. His accomplishments include success as a physician and as a concert pianist. Peeper will… more »

Interior Design 113-1

The Heart of the Room: Loft Living in Downtown New Orleans

Rodney Santana Villarreal’s small condo in a converted 19th-century warehouse in downtown New Orleans features furniture of his own design, art he created,… more »

Garden Interior 112-1

Timeless on the Tortue

Step into the past on the banks of old Bayou Tortue, southeast of Lafayette. Build a house from the ground up and make… more »

The interior of the house 111-1

Speaker of the Houseboat

State Representative Eddie J. Lambert (R-Gonzales) supports road improvement and keeping the TOPS student initiative funded, but he also makes a smaller contribution… more »

Interior Design 110-1

Bywater Wonderland

A Vietnamese water puppet, a miniature Easter Island statue, a 1940s guide book titled The Bachelor in New Orleans,, and a pair of… more »

Interior Design 109-1

Prime Builders

When Aristotle whipped out the term “architectonic,” which refers to something with a unified structure, he meant politics—apparently politicians in Athens were more… more »