Garden Interior 102-1

Garden Inspirations: an inviting oasis for entertaining

The home of Joel and Monica Broussard serves not only as a lovely enclave for the family, but also welcomes many visitors. The… more »

Baton Rouge 101-1

My Space: Big-city Living in Downtown Baton Rouge

The total transformation of a site-specific space into one’s home can be a very intimidating experience; that is why the work Sherry and… more »

The interior of the house 100-1

At Home with the Shinns: the Hornets are in their hearts

A handsome couple in the public’s eye, George Shinn and his wife Denise were married in New Orleans, where they maintain their current… more »

Interior Design 99-1

Sophisticated Comfort in Denham Springs: formal, yet unpretentious design

When designer Beth Claybourn began work on a new house for a venerable Denham Springs family, she already knew a little bit about… more »

Interior Design 98-1

A Sacred Setting: with original charm

Along River Road, near the holy-sounding town of Convent sits a well-kept reminder of the early days of the area called “The Priest… more »

Interior Design 97-1

An Oasis of Comfort & Beauty

The design of a home intertwines three conceptual strands: the desires of the designers, the structure of the space, and most importantly, the… more »

Interior Design 96-1

An Accidental Haven

Nearing another anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, I recently went back to visit the Alexandria couple that took my family in for a week… more »

Art in Interior 95-1

An Artist’s Eden: Whimsical retreat in Ponchatoula

Upon entering Louisiana folk artist Bill Hemmerling’s colorful home and studio, one is transported to an artful state of mind. You can sense… more »

The interior of the house 94-1

An Intimate Courtyard Revived: a condominium gains an outdoor living area

When visiting the home of attorney Betty Earnst in the Garden District of New Orleans, visitors are taken on a virtual trip around… more »

Interior Design 93-4

The Tasteful Restaurateur: A home designed for relaxation and entertaining

When one thinks of New Orleans restaurants, the Brennan family is at the top of the list. Cindy Brennan, co-owner and managing partner… more »